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Close call


Minor freakout. The template I've been using since 2006 changed when I changed to the new Blogger interface. I just noticed because my analytics reported a flat 0 for the second straight week. Normally I would use that 0 as an excuse to whine about my horrible friendless existence, and I still might, but this time i knew the number was wrong. So I went to my blog and it was baby blue.

Good lord.

So I tried to upload my template backup, which I made in 2006, and of course Blogger shit all over it. So I tried to fix the new template to look like the old template, and I just don't have time to mess with it now. For a few seconds I decided that changing the background to my old paisley would be enough, but then all the stuff on the sidebar would still be missing. I didn't want both of my readers to think I had deserted my only fake internet friends. I panicked for three seconds at the thought of not getting my two weekly page views, but then I found a button to revert to the old template.

I guess I'll eventually have to update to the new stuff. Maybe I'll work on it tonight. Probably not. You'll take what you get and like it.

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