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Uh oh.


Blogger changed things. I like the new editor, I just hope it doesn't mess up my classy blog thing here. I honestly don't want to spend the time it may take to change, repair, back up or otherwise fix this thing. In other news, I've been informed that not having my meatspace profile on facebook is probably not a good thing for my career. Listen. I've seen facebook, OK? I find it hard to believe that facebook is good for anyone's career except for the people who work for facebook. Still... I was told that someone was looking for meatspace me and couldn't find me. I don't believe it, but what can you do? Maybe I'll get a facebook profile... But then I'd have to change my sidebar. Changing my sidebar would mean messing with the blog. Messing with the blog would mean spending time on it. I spent my time. Back in 2004. I don't want to have to update anything. What if I lose my cool "last decade" vibe?
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