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Good luck with that job hunt...


... no, really, I mean that. I can't wait until you are back, fully employed, and have a few bucks to spend on... oh I don't know, maybe a new set of tires. It'll be precious when you twitter on about how rude the salesman was because you didn't know what size you needed or what rating you wanted or really anything about them except how much you wanted to spend. Then the tire guy will make you feel cheap by recommending used tires, or worse, the store brand. Then you'll have to sit in the waiting room with... horrors... other people who need tires, while people who are dirty and probably don't have a college degree wander in and out of the front and yell. Don't those people have jobs? Why are they sitting there waiting? I hope none of them talk to you, especially the old man with the US Navy ballcap on, he looks like he'll talk to anyone. Must be PTSD. You should blog that. Maybe daytime TV or... oh no... Fox News is playing on the 20 inch TV fastened to the wall or chained to the table. The volume is probably too high and no one knows where the remote is. Make sure the book you're reading doesn't have a dust jacket or a picture on it, and make sure everyone knows you'd be reading it if the noise from the TV didn't keep distracting you. Goodness gracious, the magazines are ancient... and why, in this day and age, anyone needs to hunt anything is probably beyond your ken. Take a few snaps of the ads for deer and pig urine and any full page ad that has a girl in a bikini holding a rifle. You'll need to Tumblr that stuff, it's hilarious! Don't forget to be all funny and sarcastic with the kid who comes out of the garage to ask about the CV boots or joints or whatever. I mean, seriously, right? Like you're supposed to know what the hell he's talking about... you were in AP classes, not shop for God's sake!... And that mustache he's trying to grow? Totally awesome, right? He is totally serious about it. ANyway, like I said, good luck with the job hunt. Sorry Borders closed, I guess. I hardly ever shopped there, I could never find anything I was looking for and the customer service sucked.
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