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I can see clearly now...


The pain is gone... SING WITH ME BOYS! Even my laser vision doc is groovin' to the tunes...
$11.95 an eye... even if it works!
I can see.  It's a really neat feeling. I still have some double vision and some blur, but over all I can see as well or better than I could with my contacts.  The burns on my legs have healed, mostly, and the antibiotics have really helped with the trash monster bites.  I'm excited.

I honestly didn't think it would take this long to get better, but I should have known better.  When you have the skin that covers your eyeball scraped off with a shovel, then told to look into the bright light, well expect a bit of residual smarting.

It was the fall that hurt the most.
It's a really weird feeling to be able to read things from far away without glasses or contacts and now I understand why the rest of you are so messed up.  I'll probably never be right again.  Knowing when I wake, terrified, to some horrible screeching noise in the middle of the night in some lousy hotel, the angel who appears at the foot of my bed is actually Nancy Grace.
I'll eat your soul... with fava beans and a nice Chianti..fffffff

I guess I'll get over it... eventually.

Driving is a lot more fun now that I can see.  I can finally tell if it's a  squirrel, chipmunk, snake or small child on the road.  It's going to be great to finally get an accurate score.

Fixing my eyes is just the first step.  In eight weeks, when I'm off the steroids, stop shitting blood, and my balls revert to their pre-operative girth, I'm really going to work on improving my appearance.  I'll maybe shave every couple of days, whiten my teeth, get back to my diet, get that boob job I've been talking about for years... you know, good honest maintenance.  I am after all, getting older.   

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