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Oh yes you are...


When I’m a mom I’m not going to get a job...

The comments on that post are fascinating. My take, there are a lot of people out there who are paranoid, maybe for good reason, that someone's trying to take advantage of them.

When I got married I assumed that my wife was going to work. I think my wife did too. That changed. It changed because one of us, I won't say who (rhymes with me, spelled the same too), didn't make enough money to pay for daycare and "we" were expecting. I could have stayed home with the prince, but without boobs I was at a disadvantage. Anyway, it all worked out. I think our kids have grown up with some really good parenting, and I have managed to keep employed. Maddmom has managed to keep out of prison, and I haven't had time to consider crack as an alternative to my morning coffee.

Now that maddmom is employed outside the home, all of this will change, I'm sure. But I feel that when it does change, it will only be for the good. I figure that the more people she is in contact with, the more likely she is to slip up. Maybe she'll even mention where she hid the body. I'll eventually end up with a proper burial. Which is nice.

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