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Been a week, so I figured I should post. My analytics for last week were pegged at 0, which is nice.

I just found out that half of the Catholic schools in Philly are closing, including West Catholic, Conwell Egan, Prendy and I smell B-O-nner. Will this be the death of that classic cheer? I do think it's sad that the Catholic schools are closing, really, but what are the options?

I went to a private Catholic Prep school, there's multiple private prep schools out in the suburbs and city. If your kid is smart enough, he'll get in. You'll pay through the nose, but have a better chance of getting into a private college. If you happen to live out in the suburbs, most of the public schools are close to, if not as good as, the private schools in the area, so why not save your money? If I lived in Radnor, PA; there's no way I'd pay money to send my kid to Archbishop Carroll. None. To top it all off, the goddam Catholic School teachers are unionized! How and Who the hell let that happen?

The Catholic grade schools in Philly are at 40% capacity. 40%. Here in Indiana, the Catholic schools are going to get vouchers. What are the odds of that happening in super-Catholic Philly?

Less than zero in my opinion.

These guys screwed themselves(and countless little boys). They spent years supporting "progressive" social causes instead of providing an alternative. They hid the problems they had internally until it was impossible, and now they have to retrench and hope against hope that eventually they'll come out smaller but stronger. They won't though.

The progressives have made "tolerance" mean something good. It doesn't. Like forbearance, tolerance is not something that should be given away. God is a lot of things, he is kind, patient, forgiving, but he's not especially tolerant. It might have done the Catholics a bit of good to have remembered that back when the Evangelicals were getting out in front. Now look. A church full of European art-house sissies who can't make a move without worrying about how it "looks".

They're like Republicans trying to get the Hispanic vote... it looks like a good fit, but it ain't ever going to happen. Give it up. Get serious. Get MAD. Get back to basics. People will come back. (Provided they don't have to wipe off theirs after serving Mass).

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