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Scary good.


So Thursday I returned my rental at Logan about 45 minutes before my flight, Scary. But I managed to check in. Good. But it was a full flight, and we had weather delay. Scary. But we left on time, and I made it home without incident. Good. But I was leaving for vacation with the madfamily Friday afternoon and I had t pretend to work for at least half of Friday, even though I was packing and shopping and doing all those other things people who are going on vacation actually do instead of work. Scary. But I left my cellphone in the rental car I left at Logan...


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Phone geekiness


I got me a new phone. Oh yeah... I'm so hip I can't tie my shoes.

It's a Windows phone.

Seriously. I really like it. I can access all of my work stuff on it. The only thing I don't like about it is the way it handles conference calls. But really, who uses a phone for telephone calls anyway.

...and in a totally ADD moment... A 15k-Mile 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT! Oh my gosh. Oh dear. I kid. In '88 I wanted a SAAB 900 SPG... or a Buick Grand National, depending on the size of the hair on the girl I was dating.

For example, A SAAB 900...

Not a SAAB 900...

I know what you're thinking. Why not a '74 Nova? The answer is simple. Too dangerous. Lousy brakes and bad seatbelts. '74 Nova's also always had large violent boyfriends who might... might just beat you to death with your penny loafer. I always gave Chevy's a wide berth and stuck to Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Buick. Looked the same, fewer Herpes... I mean HorsePowers.*

*No I don't.

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I will repeat the headline from 2-17



There was discussion about the ANTI-WOMAN GOP at a website I occasionally visit. The upshot was that by making the observation that a woman who spends $1000 per year on birth control was a slut; Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio talk show host, has destroyed any hope the GOP had to prevail in the debate over the requirement that all employers who provide health insurance benefits to their employees (all employers that have over 50 employees under Obamacare) completely cover birth control, including sterilization and abortifacients.

Here's the problem. If you take the woman at her word, she's either having a shitload of sex, or spending too much on birth control. Birth control pills are $4 per month at Wal-Mart. Condoms are about .88$ If it's the former, well, you could call her a slut, I think, pretty safely. After all, Sara Palin was called worse by liberal talkers. If it's the latter, then she'll just have to get used to using a less expensive form of birth control. I hear blowjobs rarely result in pregnancy, and are free!

Anyway. The woman was full of shit, just like the guy who testified in the 2-17 post. But you can't call someone a liar, even if they represent themselves as a 23 year-old student and they are actually a 30 year-old student. They may have just "misspoke". So we can't just assume they are bullshitting everyone, so we have to believe her story. So, she's either really a slut, or a spendthrift. Which is it? Well, the spendthrift argument got the following reply:

"The individual women and their doctors have more specific knowledge of which kind of birth control is appropriate"

So I gues all you single guys can stop buying condoms.

My answer:

Great for them. Don't ask me to pay for it. They can, after all, choose to not have sex. Or choose to engage in sexual practices with a smaller chance of resultant pregnancy. They could use condoms.

It would be a significant hardship for me to not own a car. I have a large family and for safety and convienience sake, a large car is recommended. A large car is expensive to buy and has expensive ongoing fuel and maintenance costs. Alternatives are available. I could choose to not drive. I could choose to buy a smaller car, I could choose to borrow or rent a car if I needed one, I do not need to buy the largest most expensive car deemed appropriate by experts.

Chemical or hormonal birth control is not the only way to reduce symptoms of ovarian cysts, cramps, or endometriosis and, at any rate, there is probably a process in place to challenge the formulary if those therapies aren't covered. They may have to jump through some hoops, it may take a while, but either they will end up covered or a suitable replacement will eventually be found.

I think you have bought into the line that this is an anti-woman debate, when it's not. The reaction to this woman is based on the statements she made. Statements that many think are untrue or exaggerated. I don't think anyone would think she was telling a wholly unbiased fact-based story.

If a student told me they needed my help paying the bills and I found out they spent $3000 dollars a year on coffee, I'd think they a) drank too much coffee b) spent too much on the coffee they drank c) were scamming me. If I'm not allowed to call the student a liar (and let's suppose I'm not), a or b is the answer. That student can buy their own coffee.

Or, in other words, BULLSHIT!

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Over the last two weeks, The Prince, the first and so far tallest of the maddad's children, has been awarded the Sons of the American Revolution's Bronze Medal of Citizenship, inducted into the National Honor Society, and selected for Boy's State here in Hoosierstan.

I am very proud...

This should prove to the world at large that my penis is exceptional. I mean, seriously, just look at the damage it can do.

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