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Holly Maddux Memorial Earth Day Post


Here we are, our eighth Earth Day post. Remember who takes credit for it:

Ira Einhorn - the Unicorn Killer

Now, I don't like pollution, and I had an uncle who taught me as a little kid to pick up litter when I saw it (and I still do), but human life comes first.

Not with these guys. Ms Maddux was killed by a megalomaniac who somehow managed to spread his insane teachings into the mainstream.

How did that happen? They sent out press releases that were taken as actual science by reporters and teachers who agree with their politics.

Using language to help your kids get better at... wait, no...

In further "everything you think you know is wrong" news...  How can we be feeding livestock more antibiotics than are actually sold in the US per year?  We can't.  And it took an in-depth University study to figure that out.

NPPC chief veterinarian Dr. Liz Wagstrom says the KSU study confirms what they’ve known all along—that opponents have deliberately peddled misinformation about the use of antibiotics in livestock

Don't worry, I know this happens on both sides, but I do know that it ain't a fair fight.

Say a prayer for Holly Maddux and her family this Earth Day, and stay off the Weather Channel or you'll probably get hair on your palms.

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