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Maddmom was a stay-at-home mom... because we were broke.


When we had The Prince back in '95 I was making $9.50 an hour at my day job and working some contracting gigs on the side. Maddmom had a good job, unfortunately she also had tits, so she was the Prince's primary source of food. My tits, though large and shapely, were not especially good at feeding the child. The only exception being that time when some old guy in a '79 Fleetwood gave me $200 bucks for letting him rub my naked chest while he wore furry mittens.

While the Prince was baking, we spent a some time looking at infant day care, all of it cost more than my salary. Most of them were run by retards. So, if it wasn't for the tits thing, I probably should have been the one to stay home with the trout. HOWEVER, maddmom is a good judge of character. She is also a math major. She figured out that if I was home alone with a baby, I would probably leave him in the microwave once or twice while I diddled with the computer or carried on a torrid affair with one or more of the statistical mean looking women in our lower middle class neighborhood who were in the same position as my wife and I, that is to say, poor as dirt divided by the price of gas squared and unable to pay for twelve hours of daycare (or 'school' if you are obnoxious).

What this meant was that while my income went up over time, maddmom's didn't. So that while women who actually worked a day in their lives were able to afford stuff, like cable tv and clothes and occasionally, lunch. I was basically a "single parent". The house, car, insurance, bills, food, clothes... I paid for all that shit. What I haven't paid for is any lawyer's fees, bankruptcy filings, or bail bonds. I give credit for that to maddmom. She's good with a budget.

I have never heard ANYONE in politics say anything about the sacrifices that men with stay-at-home wives make. I don't go to football games, or eat out. I brought my lunch to work every day for thirteen years. I still did laundry and did the dishes, and I still drive a used car. My retirement will be "our" retirement, so no living on the beach for me. I'm the one not paying for college and I'm the one responsible for the taxes. It's MY credit that pays for the bonbons that maddmom eats while she watches TV on the couch.

What I'm saying is... fuck Ann Romney, that Rosen bitch owes ME an apology.

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