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I get to drive today


On probably the most boring road in the world, I-71 between Cincinnati and Columbus. No turns, no scenery, just... Ohio. I decided to liven things up by filling the old iPod up with hundreds of hair metals songs.. with all of the Bon Jovi, Stryper and Winger removed... Oh, I'll keep the Cinderella out of some strange loyalty, but seriously, Fuck Bon Jovi. The summer "Slippery When Wet" came out, I had to endure thousands of replays... on the radio, in cars, at work, on TV... and I ddn't complain, much. Could have been because of my penchant for dirty, big-haired girls from North East Philly and Norristown, but mainly, I think was that it just faded into the background as white noise. There's nothing to it. It's the hair metal equivalent of Lawrence Welk, only not as rockin'. Now, when I don't actually have to listen to it, I won't. UPDATE: I spent most of the drive on the damn phone, texting, and running over teenaged black people in monogamous gay marriages, but only if they had been divorced and were previously Amish, Mormon or Muslim and smoke cigarettes. Anyway, I ended up listening to Wanda Jackson instead. And some youtubing brings you this:
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