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Bang, Bang... I got mine...


Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers. Um... who illegally enter your home. Now get this straight, I like and respect most police officers. They have a tough job. But... it's been legal to shoot milkmen, stockbrokers, farmers, salesmen, seamstresses, lawyers, steel workers, Indian Chiefs, doctors, hypnotists, painters, teachers, graphic designers, gas station attendants, chemists, musicians, hotel front desk clerks, accountants, cooks, landscape architects, veterinarians, software engineers, train engineers, novelists, auto mechanics, HVAC repairmen, nuns, street sweepers and window washers who enter your house illegally for a while now. Why not add cops to the list? I'm glad I no longer have to ask for a resume before I shoot the guy who broke into my house waving a gun in the middle of the night. Let's face it, this law should never have had to be written. "No knock" raids by paramilitary forces wearing masks, SHOULD NOT HAPPEN in the US. It is a violation of every principle we are suppose to believe this country was founded on. Even legal raids shouldn't have the cops waving around M16s! I saw a story on TV just the other day about a guy who's wife disappeared, the cops came to arrest him at the ice cream store where he worked with a van full of SWAT and two helicopters. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! With the store FULL OF CUSTOMERS! In the suburbs! What, did he have a rocket propelled grenade hidden in the tub of rocky road? What makes this even better is that it turns out the guy's wife was faking her death, so the guy didn't even do anything. When government, in this case the Indiana Supreme Court and the Police, decide that they are allowed to break the law without consequence, we need to be able to shut them down. If the default judgement of our "Law Enforcement Officer" community is guilty until proven innocent, it's time to change the way laws are enforced. This is what happened in Indiana.
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