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Write for Salon, get paid to smell your own farts...


Did you know that there is an “ascetic populism [added to] to the inherent machismo of the engine-revving manual transmission”? Seriously, how did he type that with that dick in his mouth? I'm not linking to the original article in Salon, you can do that. I'm linking to the righteous smackdown of said article by Jack Baruth at The Truth About Cars. I don't have the chops to rip one out like this any more, so I'm glad there are more and more people out there who can do it for me. Like "macho" at the end of the 1970's we will see a return to good old masculine values after a decade or so of androgynous, "sensitive", pussy-whipped public men. The bitches on reality TV will be replaced A-Team types who get things done with little drama but many explosions. And riding a bicycle will return to its original purpose of fun, exercise and cheap transportation from the exalted and serious heights of the new eighth sacrament. At least I can hope.
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