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Chicago, Borgnine, Oil Change, Driving...


For the holiday maddmom and I took the three youngest to Chicago to see the sights. I like Chicago, I do. If I had to live in the northern wastes, I'd pick Chicago. I'd be a little upset that I would no longer be able to earn an honest living, given the sheer number of assholes with their hands in my wallet, but the summers are nice and when the weather's good, downtown's real pretty. Driving in Chicago sucks, mainly because the roads that work are all toll roads, and if you don't want to take those you end up driving through the ghetto. So we took public transportation. Worked OK. BUT... We could have parked all day for $19 where we were hanging out, another $12 when we went to our second stop, and with a total of $3.70 in tolls, I would have spent $33.70 in transportation for 5 people, and I would have been able to leave when I wanted to and probably would have gotten back to the hotel 45 minutes sooner than I did. Instead, I paid $28.50 for 5 daily CTA passes and another $35 on the water taxi. Since we were staying by the airport, we had good access to the CTA, and if I was poor, or liked having ground glass rubbed on my taint, it would have been GREAT! But to get to downtown, it took an hour. We had to transfer to another line, and rather than wait on a bus for twenty minutes, we walked for a mile or so in 90 degree heat (arguably better than sitting on a bus with people who had been standing around waiting for a bus in 90 degree heat). Shorter maddad: If you don't have a car, public transportation is great. If you have a car, risk the DUI, it's cheaper. Also, if you have young boys in your family, annoy your wife and take them to Medieval Times. Awesome time. Like pro wrestling with food... and dorks... and those chubby girls with tattoos who go to Renaissance Fairs so they can jam their fat ass into a corset and get approving looks from drunk nerds who can only see the top third of their iceberg-like tits. But there is a bar there. And I had an awesome time. Oh yeah, the boys did to. I think maddmom might have been there with us, I don't know. This morning, I found out Ernest Borgnine died. That led to this conversation: maddad: Oh man, Ernest Borgnine died. The Beast: Who? maddad: Marty, Fatso... Mermaid Man. The Beast: Oh wow, was he old? maddad: 95. The Beast: Wow. Was he on the Titanic? The measure of old age at the McMahonsion has become passage on the Titanic. That makes me and my gray pubes feel great. Speaking of old people, Chicago and driving, I have to get an oil change for the volvo. It's been 4000 degrees centigrade for the past month, but the day I need to change my oil, it's raining. I blame global warming.
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