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Two things...


One: There should be a law against selling onion bagels in the airport. Two: I want the clock back. A two inch tall digital clock on a 60 inch plasma screen just isn't going to cut it. I took off my watch at the security checkpoint and I didnt think I had time to dig it out of my carry on because? I didnt know what time it was! Why didn't I check my phone? Where do you think my phone was, jackass? I want a clock. They could take all of those big ass clocks from the train stations no one uses. Time means nothing to losers who still ride the train anyway. And while I'm at it, stop yelling at me in French. Everyone who speaks French has been learning English since they were in the womb. They're so goddam proud of it its all they talk about, in Fremch, at the McDonald's in Disney World. Fuckem. English and Spanish only.


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