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Now that the high water mark has passed...


Should I join Facebook? (This has nothing to do with my raging mid-life crisis or the boycott of my myspace page by the unholy alliance of Glen Frey fans and New Yorkers. But just so you know New York, there is no possible way to ignore the smell of old garbage cooking in 100 degree heat while you are trying to eat what is supposedly a "fantastic" meal. Can't be done. I suppose that's why half of you don't shower and the other half bathe in AXE. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have a problem if Glenn Frey moved to New York and bathed in AXE or garbage, as long as he keeps his "music" and his stank to himself. It'd also be nice if he took out that other asshole from the Eagles in a murder suicide... what's his name, the hypocritical, money grubbing, dick eating douchebag who sings that goddamn song about the Motel 8? Whatever, that one.)
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