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Cirrrcle of liiiiife


I had an interesting day today. While in a righteous rage about something I should have known was going to happen, I found out someone I know was (STILL) getting royally screwed by the people who used him for what amounted to free advertising and content for years. So I stopped being so angry at what I was angry about, and started thinking about how the only way to stop getting screwed is to not play. I knew this before, and I should make sure I don't forget it again. When you play a game where the other team makes the rules up as it goes, you are going to lose. Even if you think you're winning. And in order to play that game, you'll have to compromise what you believe to be correct. Anyone who can compete in that league is a is an asshole. I can't. The guy I know from the previous paragraph can't. And that's good. That makes us non-assholes. OUTLAW!
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