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Figured it out


Yesterday the Prince and I changed the brakes and rotors on his '99 VW Jetta. Aside from the fact that I was a little concerned that the stopping and slowing parts of the car are so far the least expensive bits to buy, everything went pretty well. I mean it was pretty obvious that over the last several years the rear brakes hadn't been working well, but now they are. At least they smell like they are. And trust me, they couldn't be doing worse. Oh, and we hooked his e-brake cable back up, so he can park on hills now. So I figure this. All I need to keep that POS running for until it turns into a pile of rust is a computer program called, not kidding, VAG-COM and a couple of hundred dollars a year in remanufactured parts. Maybe less. Man, I am this close to realizing my dream of becoming a gypsy cab driver in Mexico City. I've been ignoring this place, mainly because every time I post something on the innertubes I get in trouble. I'm either not supposed to post, or not supposed to post that. Plus, now I'm on Facebook, and posting incoherently on Facebook is easier than posting incoherently here. Not as much fun, but at least I know that more people will look at it. Of course more people would look at this if I posted more. At any rate, after Halloween, I'm done posting on Facebook and will reserve my rants for here. This is my domain. This is home. This is the place where I can rest my balls on the dinner table while I drink from the milk carton. You know, like at church. I'm comfortable here. Here I can image search on "dinosaur" and post this result:
while on Facebook, I have to post this one:
Both funny. One Awesome. But since people actually look at Facebook, I must resist being awesome at all costs. I can still embarrass maddmom, I guess, but only in a good way. So Halloween is the end of any substantive Facebooking for maddad, LMC, or whatever it is I'm calling myself these days. Expect cat pictures and needlepoint.
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