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Another hobby down the drain...UPDATED


Some judge in Kansas has ordered a newspaper to reveal the identity of an on line commentator.

Update:  Or Missouri.. whatever.  You can't expect me to type "city" when I'm afraid for my on-line life.  Seriously.  Seven proxies and a fake name and still frightened by the man...(not really)


 So this sucks.  For me.   Mr semi-anonymoose on the innertubes.

On the other hand, it's a job creator!

$8.50 an hour to moderate a newspaper comment section is a perfect job for a brand-new Liberal Arts grad.

Beats teaching English in Japan.

I kid.  From what I understand, after a couple of weeks of humorous fish-out-of-water encounters with the locals and several bouts of crushing loneliness, and some thinly-veiled racism, our giant, hairy newly-minted English teacher and his students will come to realize that they are not that different after all.  Plus, the earnest young, hot, American ex-patriot love interest will look beyond our recent grad's gruff, sexist, xenophobic,  exterior an  give in to her latent womanly desires.

At least that's what I've learned from "Mr Baseball".  And Tom Selleck is incapable of lying.  
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