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Not gonna do it


I'm not going to apologize to the two people and assorted spam bots who still read this here "on-line journal". I've been busy. I left the company I worked at for almost eight years last week. It wasn't supposed to be, but it is, a shock. Like when you finally decide to move in with your mistress because your wife came home late from work again and burnt the pot roast and the ironing hasn't been done in weeks and at least one of the children spoke before offering you a drink, and then when you do move in with the mistress she shits up the bathroom. It's like that. You know? All she ever eats are goddamn salads and you spend hundreds of dollars a month on laxatives and, day one, the can smells like some frat boy left an upper-decker in there during a pledge week mixer. Maybe... maybe, it's a timing thing. I mean, we are still pretty close to Thanksgiving, and that's a lot of protein to metabolize. But... DAMN. So I'm in the process of starting a new job, and I thought that my old job would do the normal thing companies do when a key employee leaves for a similar company less than a month before the end of the year and tell me to take a hike, enjoy my vacation. and send back all of their stuff ASAP. Instead, I ended up working for almost my entire two weeks notice. Not working hard, but working enough so that I wasn't able to do the stuff I really wanted to do, like Christmas shopping. So now I'm backed up. I have to start my new job, I have to finish Christmas stuff, I have to clean out my office and get all the new stuff set up, and I have to get new benefits and a new cell phone. I've had a couple of jobs in my adult life, but my last job (probably since I worked from home) was the first one that has really affected every part of my life. Eight years is a long time. It's twice as long as I has been with any other company. It's longer than I was at any school, including elementary. It's a long damn time. Now I have to go and remember all the things I need to change when I start a new job. Email address, direct deposit, health benefits, dentist, person to sexually harass, it's all changing. So I haven't been real interested in updating my web log on the information superhighway. Oh. I also have a new computer and I didn't copy my bookmarks from the old one because I didn't actually use more than one or two, and therefore the link to the blogger dashboard wasn't in my toolbar. Plus there was a car coming. I wasn't looking. That's not fair anyway. Nu-uh that's cheating. Is too. Is too! I quit.
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