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10 years since I was last in Toronto. That year I drove to Barrie, ON and there was a -40 wind chill. Today it's about 5 in Toronto. There's snow. It's really uncomfortable. Also, the last time I was here, my credit card didn't work and I had to use my debit card to take cash (which I didn't have) out of the ATM in order to eat. Same here, except the ATM doesn't work. Seriously, the entire city uses these wireless card readers to take credit cards, and they are all broken. So is, by the way, wireless everywhere. The hotel, work, Starbucks... I'm plugged in here just to get my email. My phone is roaming, and dirt slow. If I was paying the bill, I'd be 100 bucks over PER DAY. This is a backwards-ass country. Seriously. If I can get free wireless and 3G in Kentucky, I should be able to get it in the largest city in Canada. I used to think that this place was way ahead of the US technology-wise. As far as early adoption goes. But I guess that has gone the way of RIM. Stuck in the 2k's. Shame really. Of course, the innertubes might just be frozen. Like my ass.
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