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The year that ain't


Thirteen? Seriously? Look, did anything happen in 1913? The new President Wilson said that the US would never attack another country, and the federal income tax took effect. Only one of those things lasted through Wilson's presidency. Thirteen is always a "forget about it" year. They'll remember twelve, because Obama got re-elected and the Supremes decided the Congress could tax citizens for being alive. Fourteen will be remembered for the disaster it is undoubtedly going to be. Thirteen? Meh. Eighteen thirteen was a big year. The war was on. The war of eighteen twelve. Perry won the battle of Lake Erie and Buffalo got burnt down by the British. Two big wins for our side (if you've ever been to Buffalo, you'll agree)! I think we also captured Toronto and then gave it back because it was "too clean". At any rate, no one but the Canadians (and maybe the French, that Napoleon guy was still running around) remember eighteen thirteen as eighteen thirteen, and that should tell you something. Seventeen thirteen? Forget about it. The only thing I know about seventeen thirteen is that Frederick William of Prussia enacted one of the first personal taxes by eliminating mandatory military service. Taxes are big in thirteens. The 'teens are a time of intrigue, but thirteens are always footnotes. Wars start in fourteens, are named after twelves and finish up in the twenties. Thirteens are boring. Disposable. The thirteens do one thing right, they expose the incompetence of politicians. From the aforementioned King in Prussia to Woodrow Wilson to Obama and Congress. Thirteens are the years you can look back on and see the absolute idiocy of the morons that we have put in charge. Overreach and power grabs, military adventure, ignorance and pandering are all big in the thirteens. I guess we just have to muddle through. Lets deal with this and gird our Louis for the severe buggering sure to be in store for us next year.
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