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Back on the chain gang...


I have been away, out of the country, totally off-line.  It was wonderful.  I may decide to completely remove myself from the innertubes one day.  The only on-line sites I really missed were Amazon and AutoTempest, and those only because I wanted to compare prices on some things... and car porn.

That's not to say I don't have some sites I visit every day and enjoy reading.  I do.  For example, usually if I miss a day's updates at dirtydirtywhores.com I'll feel left out and uninformed, but not last week.  Funny. 

In fact, most of the newer dirty, dirty whores on dirtydirtywhores.com looked remarkably similar to the older dirty, dirty whores... Hold on a bit, let me just save this post in my drafts while I make sure I'm not going off half cocked.

(UPDATE) OK, I may have been wrong.  There are at least two new dirty, dirty whores on the site that I haven't seen before.  One is even a brunette!

I may have been wrong about the innertubes.  I am, now, much better informed than I was last week... AND I have actually managed to notice a woman's hairstyle.  So I am also a better person (as defined by maddmom).  This is an exciting development.

Al Gore, and the many, many eastern European girls who value money more than self-esteem, should be thanked.  They have done what no amount of book learning, church sermons, self-help books, greeting cards or TV Public Service Announcements could do.

I am now all I can be.  Now the rest of you should get to work, you're all a bunch of assholes. 

Seriously.  Get right, please.

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