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Dave Schultz can sing better than Phillip Phillips... or, the Olympics are now a live action girl-power cartoon show


... and Dave Schultz was MURDERED twenty years ago. They are taking WRESTLING out of the Olympics in 2020. Why? Is it the Iranians? Too much back hair? NBC can't work up a theme song that the average working woman will find catchy and heartbreaking enough? Too few TV hours focused on pre-pubescent pudenda on prime time? Wrestling IS the goddamn Olympics. Try an image search for ancient Olympics. What do you get? Naked, sweaty men. Wrestling.
Women's Gymnastics
You don't see Greek field hockey.  No sailing, no Judo, no bowling or bicycling, modern pentathalon.


Out of the Olympics.

What will they put in?  Halo?  GOLF?  Cheer?  Musical Theater?  Eyeliner application? Cooking? HAIR BRAIDING?

Jesus tapdancing Christ. 

I can't finish this.  maddmom wants me to stop cursing, and I honestly can't describe my feelings on hearing this news without copious profanity, and/or throwing feces.  Feces throwing is, incidentally,  also in the running to be an Olympic sport.  It had more votes than unicycling and juggling at last count and since pre-teen girls cry when they do it or watch it, I bet it's a shoo-in for 2024.  Oh I quit the world.

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