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They'll probably save us from the octopusses...


 In Japan, there exists an island overrun with rabbits.  These happy, fluffy bunnies have access to POISON GAS!

I think we are saved. 

Unless the octopuses succeed in their bid to raise enough cats to kill all the rabbits!

Let's all hope that the rabbit vs. octopus arms race escalates no farther.

Especially in Japan, where octopus/human crossbreeding is common.

We live in dangerous times.

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Anonymous Third News said...

Who knew octopus/human crossbreeding was common?

I've heard of cat people in NYC and bunnies living in a mansion with a really old guy named Hugh who likes to wear his pajama’s in Chicago but no…wait I have heard on an octomom –never mind

8:41 AM

Blogger Maddad said...

In Japan almost all things are possible. For example, the foot can split wood. It can't, however, split a watermelon. But I believe the octopodes are working on that.

9:56 AM


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