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Got nuthin to hide...


And I ain't gonna lie. I'm burnt out. Let's look at last week. I was gone. I was living on Pacific time, switching between a conference room and a succession of bad restaurants and terrible bars. I slept very little, met some nice people, stayed too long. My diet has collapsed. My new job, which I like, is becoming a chore, and that's no good. My oldest son must report to school in 70 days. School is the US Military Academy. So, I have my son for 70 days. He had his wisdom teeth out on Friday, so I haven't been able to talk to him since I got home. My house is a wreck, since maddmom and I have been trying to get it ready for the Prince's graduation party. The dog, who could give a shit, has decided to release some kind of musky pheromone he borrowed from a horny turkey buzzard. My car... Christ. Never mind. Boston... the bombing. Terrible. Awful stories. Tragic for the victims. But seriously... They shut down the whole city? For a nineteen year old kid? This makes the Boston cops badass? They didn't even find him! Some dude found him and called them! Take your victory lap massholes, but just remember, the Philly police shot eleven people and burned an entire neighborhood to the ground over a fucking ZONING VIOLATION. You're not going to find a lot of terrorists in Philly. Unless you count the cops and most, if not all of the University of Pennsylvania undergrads. As for Texas... look, a couple of dickheads blew up an entire subdivision in Indy earlier this year. No freak out. No nationwide media circus. No "we stand with Indy" billboards. Why not? Sixty or so families homeless, two people killed. Texas, you're just going to have to deal with massholes like the rest of us have. Fuck you Boston. Except for the people that got hurt. Sorry guys. Everyone else can get stuffed.
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