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Oh dear lord


Three meetings today, supposedly confirmed weeks ago, and updated and verified again last week. All three were late starts, due to customers not "remembering" the meeting time. One was a complete bust, totally unqualified. One was a set-up for a competitor, if anything. The third was a first call meeting, forced into a full-on product demo that nobody wanted to see. I'm just pissed off. This is a joke. If you are in sales, and a BDR sets up meetings for you, it's your job to qualify the opportunity before pulling in a sales engineer. There are a lot fewer field sales engineers than there are field sales reps, so believe me, I can find something else to do. If you are a field sales rep and you don't feel comfortable talking about one of your products, you have no business selling it, nothing I do will help on the initial call. Be professional people. If you don't qualify your opportunities, you make your company, your product, and yourself, look low rent.
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