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So where do I start?


Lessee, My oldest son reported to the US Military Academy at West Point last week as a New Cadet for Cadet Basic Training. Which means, he's in a 47 month-long program to turn him into an officer in the US Army. It's always been his dream, at least as far back as I've had this here blog, so I am extremely happy for him. Also, very... VERY worried. The Prince is a weird animal. He never liked toys, wasn't a huge fan of video games, didn't like playing a spot position on a team sport, and wasn't really a big "practice" guy. On the other hand, give the man a goal and, if he bought in, he'd make it. That's not to say he didn't occasionally drop the ball, he did, but in the main, if you wanted something done you'd ask the Prince. The "buy in" was important (not as important as it was with me), if he thought what you were asking him to do was bullshit, it would get done (there's the big difference between him and me), but adequately instead of perfectly. He did everything he had to do to get what he wanted, and subsequently he actually got what he wanted. I'm very proud. Of course, now he's gone and out of asshole nowhere I suddenly have a list of stuff that I wanted to do and say and places I wanted to take him and things I wanted to teach him. Too late maddad. Too late. I guess someone else will teach him the stuff I didn't, and he'll go to the places I wanted to take him with someone else, and as for the things I wanted to say... fuck it, he can guess. I know I have the other three boys, but you have to realize that those guys have their own damn personalities. I got other stuff to do and say and places to go and things to teach them. And I'll remember what exactly all that stuff is approximately two days after they each move out. Par for the course, maddad. Par for the course. Learning to golf would have been nice. We were going to learn to golf, so we could golf. But my back screwed up the three weeks I had two kids interested in golf. I would have liked to enjoy fishing. But I am no fisherman (or woman), can't play the guitar, hate rap, not a huge camper, jogger, horseback rider or math genius. Not anything he spent time doing, really. Hiking was cool. I'll have to hike with the rest of them.
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