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Generally, with the exception of the memorial of Holly Maddux's murder on Earth Day, I try not to write the type of posts that you see on Facebook or the more hysterical "outraged" blogs. Over the past couple of months, I've been trying not to post at all. But this anniversary of the mass murder of civilians, police, and firefighters by extremist Muslims upset at,-what? Does anybody know? Anybody remember? September eleventh was the second time fundamentalist Muslims tried to destroy the World Trade Center and murder everyone who worked there. Remember that? Remember the USS Cole, the Kohbar Towers? The US intervention in Kosavo to PROTECT MUSLIMS? The US had a military base in Saudi Arabia in order to deter Iraq from invading Kuwait. This was intolerable to a certain breed of asshole. This certain breed of asshole- who was not poor or oppressed, but wealthy and highly educated in the finest Western universities, decided to take his dissatisfaction with the political situation in a country that he no longer lived in out on people who couldn't pick Afghanistan out on a map. So he, and his bunch of wealthy, well-educated friends, decided that their "Religion of Peace" justified the indiscriminate killing of THOUSANDS of innocent people. This nutcase dickhead and his death cult picked the perfect time to murder thousands too. It was right after a very tightly decided election. Which meant that whatever policy was decided on by the winning party (we'll call them the 'Morons') would be actively opposed by the losing party (the 'Cocksmoking bastards who should rot in hell' or 'Fuckheaded shitbrain imbeciles' or 'corrupt powerdrunk sonsofbitches who vomit shit every time they open their stinking, grasping maw' or 'Democrats' for short) and this losing party would use all of its pull in the media, its historical affiliation with campus radical (or as most sane people would call them, domestic terror operatives) groups, and its vast membership of butthurt redistributionist greifers. The Democrats did this in a cynical bid to gain back the political advantage they had lost over the last third of the preceding eight years to narcissism and corruption. No other reason than that. There is no anti-war Democrat. Ol' Bill Clinton never had anyone demonstrate against his cruise missle escapades, or his Kosavo adventures, nope, no anti-war movement until... we were in an actual war. That's why no one remembers why 9-11 happened and who's responsible. And that's what sickens me on this 9-11. We have a dim-bulb empty suit in charge of the country, using the same arguments that Bush used against Saddam Hussein to push for war against Syria. Without, of course, the overwhelming sense of danger and unease that the American public had after the 9-11 murders and the psychotic, ecstatic posturing of that admitted terrorist financier, Saddam Hussein. Saddam was paying people to blow themselves up in pizza parlors. He was on-purpose violating the 1991 cease-fire and the UN inspection agreements. He said he had chemical weapons, and had ACTUALLY USED THEM. He was FUCKING WITH US after we had just had 5000 people murdered in our streets. Syria isn't even close to the danger to the US that Iraq was, if the asshole in charge of Syria gassed the opposition, he did it in secret, so secret there have been no pictures. (Seriously. No video, no verified pictures? If a US Marine farts in Afghanistan it's on Youtube in minutes) He's also at war with the very same group of goat-fucking shitheads who pulled off the 9-11 murders. Why should we waste any time worrying about who gasses whom in that shithole? Let them all gas each other. But no. The very people who spent eight years demanding an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, who called the administration liars and war criminals. Who have made any outward sign of anger at the fucking shitbirds who call themselves members of the "Religion of Peace" a mortal sin, who call any kind of disagreement with policy "racism", who spent YEARS trying to neuter our military and destroy any attempt to rid the world of the stain of Islamic terrorists just to win political points. The very same bullshit-spewing asshole-licking pieces of dog shit that made the motherfuckers who murdered all those people RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES into international FUCKING HEROS want us to forget all about that and go to war. For nothing except hurt pride. Fuck them. Fuck their mothers and the goat that fucks her too.
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