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Day 13...NOTNOMO


Day 13 of NANOMO, and my inbox is full of motivational email. Which is working exactly as I predicted. I have written exactly 0 words of "Magical Vampire Serial Killer Submissives and Their Unfortunate Half-African-American, Half-Holocaust Survivor, Half-Palestinian Emigrant Grandparent's Interactions with the Irish Mob and Other Various and Sundry Oddball Characters in a Picturesque but Economically Depressed Small New England Town During the Thanksgiving Holidays." Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! The "ladykiller" best friend is gay and the hero doesn't actually end up with the love interest/elementary school teacher for his troubled, adopted son because she has too much common sense and the hero, as I think we all know, will never change. I also think the hero probably should have stayed in New York after his stunningly beautiful but roundheels wife was murdered by the very corporate interests she spent her time defending in court. It may be a little bit obvious, but as soon as our hero learned about the thumb drive full of smoking-gun environmental impact testing documentation that his wife stashed away in her beloved childhood china doll (that she gave to her niece on her niece's seventh birthday) from the paranormal underground, he should have gone to the authorities. Even if it meant all out war between the magical world, organized crime and SEAL Team Six. Let's face it, an interstellar nano-tech zombie plague is never a good thing, especially combined with the inherent racism of the American South that the hero experienced first-hand when his first love, the daughter of the African-American custodian at the University Library where the hero's father worked long, long hours, because all he ever loved were books... DUSTY OLD BOOKS!, was accused by the insanely jealous and secretly in love son of the nastily racist richest man in town of stealing the new bicycle that her father had saved three years worth of "drinkin' money" to buy for her. Putting it aside every day in a pickle jar. Every day since the "accident", the last day he had let a drop past his lips. All I have to do is not finish this thing by the end of November and I'm golden!
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Anonymous Third News said...

Unless your hero has a case of stichometry, your story fails in the 'already read that shit' depatment

9:20 PM


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