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up yours, cyber monday


This morning was supposed to be a turnaround for old maddad. This was my week to get everything done that I haven't finished over the past year. It is now past 2pm on Monday and I have done nothing but talk to morons on the phone. Now this is only a little different from what I do most days. Most days I do nothing but talk to morons AND assholes on the phone, so you'd think I'd be happy... but I'm not. I was totally stoked to not talk to ANYONE on the phone and instead get my hungover ass up and around and moving, since I had to be up to get the kids off to school this AM because maddmom has left me. Yes, she left. Worse than that, she's coming back. I kid... It'll be nice to have her home. We are all starving and I need laundry done. I hope her new husband is OK with me hanging around, I can't even conceive of the damage my Mexican family would cause me if they found out about maddmom and the boys. So, to sum up... Thanksgiving. maddmom abandoned her real family. I spent the weekend drunk(er than usual). My car broke, then got better. The prince rolled in and stole the spotlight from me (and lets face it, it was MY wife who ran away). All of the New Years resolutions I had planned to get to before the end of the year have been pushed out yet another week. There are three home swim meets and a Christmas party this week, so forget anything happening next week. I have blown through my haircut window yet again. But, and this is important because I forgot to mention it on November first, I am sooooooo much better than you, I quit smoking almost ten years ago.
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