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Lately, and by lately I mean yesterday and today, my sooper-dooper desktop computer has been acting squirrelly. Weird, in other words. I don't know why this would happen, except that I tried to use rechargeable batteries in my wireless mouse. I wonder if there's a virus in rechargeable batteries? At any rate, I need to do something, because I have to click on everything twice, sometimes four or five times in order to get focus. It's innertube shopping season and I have a million forms to fill out. I'll be typing away and the damn numbers show up in the dirty chat window I had open. There's a lot of teenaged asian girls with access to my Visa card now. This is not good. To make matters worse, it doesn't feel like Christmas. It's cold as hell, there's snow, but I'm busy and unprepared, broke, and Thanksgiving came too late. Oh, and I mean brooooooooke, physically, mentally and monetarily. I have a beautiful car that I can't drive because I need to buy a pulley, fan, and belt for the alternator, I bought a battery for maddmoms car that hasn't moved since I bought it, and I spent a fortune on an alignment on my volvo ($90 anyway, a fortune to me). I've been trying to be more positive about things. I have, but the Black Dog is upon me. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!
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