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New leaves


<a href="http://althouse.blogspot.com/2014/01/michael-pollan-explains-whats-wrong.html?m=1">Althouse links a video of the Kinks in a discussion about diet</a> and I'm going to link there in a post about New Year's resolutions, college, and how apple has made it impossible to blog from an iPhone. 

It's been two weeks since New Years and I have gathered my skirts and almost made the leap over the metaphorical puddle, but not quite. My goals this year seen insurmountable. I plan to be a more "positive" person. (In quotes because not really.  Or eventually really. Or I WILL be a more positive person because I AM a positive person and things are great and people love me, etc... See?  It's hard.). I'm doing this to myself because I have been moping over the last year for no good reason, and I'm tired of it. Really, physically tired. So I'm forcing myself to not mope. Or, if I can't not mope, at least re- enter the manic phase that I was in from 2009 to 2011. 

Which brings me to my second resolution, and the reason for the link to Althouse.  My diet. I'm a fat boy. Seriously. I'm 15 pounds heavier than I was at Easter. That's because I've been moping, feeling sorry for myself and eating like a TV twenty-something girl on her period. It's got to stop. I was trying a "paleo" type diet, but you know what?  I was in better shape before and I wasn't eating paleo, so while I WILL (resolutions go in all caps) stop eating all the shit I've been eating, I'm not going to start eating buffalo sausage and ass of giraffe for breakfast. I'll just return to how I used to eat. 

Apes, like dogs, are scavengers, and no one wants to eat like an ape. And while the video linked by Althouse is one of my favorite Kinks songs, it's also one that I turn down when at a stoplight.  The Kinks are one of those bands that have all of these cool songs that you forget about for years until you accidentally hear one in the background on a tv commercial, or while shopping over Muzak or when the iPod shuffles for real (I'm convinced my iPod hates me and wants me to listen to the songs I'm too lazy to remove from my iTunes library because maddmom likes them, like "sunglasses at night". Four times it came up on my way home from Birmingham. I stopped listening to music it pissed me off so much (see paragraph one)) which it hardly ever does. 

In college, back in the day, the English department at my school had a 400 level English class called "Kinkology" which was an examination of the lyrics of Ray Davies and associated songwriters of the second British Invasion period. I didn't take the class, because I knew I'd have to write a lot of pseudo-psychological Freudian bullshit and I wanted to get out of college ASAP, but I wanted to. Really. I think of that class every time someone finds a class like "the history of the TV show "Freinds" as told through penis puppetry (Soc 310)" in their kids class catalogue. This type of shit has been going on forever. Just make sure your kids don't take those classes and they will get fewer and farther apart. 

I'm out. 


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