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Idiots and assholes


OK. I have been trying, desperately, to be more positive in my daily trudge through life. For the most part, I've been successful as you can tell my much less frequent use of this here electronic bitching machine. However, there are limits. Today I have hit my limit. I can count everyone I am acquainted with who is not an idiot or an asshole on one hand. One hand. One. Let that sink in. Four fingers and a thumb. The other five billion and change? Idiots, assholes, or both. Be assured, if you think I'm being too harsh? Chances are, you ain't the thumb, pinky, ring, nose picker, fuck you finger, or ring finger. You're the place where the thumb goes while its owner is waiting on some idiot to do what he, she or it was supposed to do last fucking week. That's the asshole, idiot.
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Woman charged $787.33 for two-mile cab ride


This sort of happened to me. I was charged $212 by a cab driver to go from Penn Station in Newark to the Courtyard Marriott in Elizabeth. That's less than ten miles. According to the con artist who took my money, it was policy to add a $35 surcharge for leaving the train station, then another $150 for "after hours" service. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. I was working in New York city and there were no hotel rooms available for the days I needed to be there for any reasonable rate, so I was staying near the airport and taking the hotel shuttle to the PATH. Of course, I ended up working late, and the hotel shuttle stopped running, so I had to cab it. The first night, I almost got into a fight with the cabby because I only had $50 in cash, and he wanted $85. The next night I figured I'd get around that bullshit by using a credit card and BLAMMO! $212. I was lucky that I was able to expense that fare, and after bitching about the hassle, I was allowed to stay in the W in Manhattan for $800 a night. For one night, anyway.

What I'm saying here is that you should pay cash and argue with cabbies, never use let them use Square to run your card, or just give in and let them rub their nasty mustache on your taint.

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I am the Count and I love to count things! ah ah ah ah


But, evidently I can only count to 21. I found an exercise tracker I like called Lift. It's super simple, runs on my phone, annoys you when you need annoying, etc... you pick or create a task, it doesn't have to be exercise related, and every day you check it off. The app runs in 21 day cycles, and there's the problem. It started over after day 21 and depressed me. I like to look at big numbers. I'm on day 25. I had to miss a few days because of travel and now I'm all messed up. Because I was able to ignore the app for those couple of days, I am now finding it hard NOT to ignore the app. Yesterday, I didn't start exercise until almost 8:30 pm. Which was OK when the kids were babies, because they were already in bed, but now, not so much. So I'm going to have to become a morning exerciser. I hate mornings. Hate hate hate. Always have. So this is going to be a big change for me. Early to bed, early to rise. (Makes a man or woman miss out on the night life - Morphine) Wish me luck, today I start at #1. 1! 1! 1 new habit. ah ah ah ah
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I got 75 spam comments on a post from 2012 last night.  As excited as I am to be relevant to the spambots again, and as much as I need Viagra, single ladies and a Russian bride, I've decided to re-enable word verification on my comments section. 

No one will mind, in ten years I've received 155 non-spam comments.  Total.

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