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Idiots and assholes


OK. I have been trying, desperately, to be more positive in my daily trudge through life. For the most part, I've been successful as you can tell my much less frequent use of this here electronic bitching machine. However, there are limits. Today I have hit my limit. I can count everyone I am acquainted with who is not an idiot or an asshole on one hand. One hand. One. Let that sink in. Four fingers and a thumb. The other five billion and change? Idiots, assholes, or both. Be assured, if you think I'm being too harsh? Chances are, you ain't the thumb, pinky, ring, nose picker, fuck you finger, or ring finger. You're the place where the thumb goes while its owner is waiting on some idiot to do what he, she or it was supposed to do last fucking week. That's the asshole, idiot.
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