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Welcome to Earf... day.


Brought to you byIra Einhorn - The famous Unicorn Killer . Keep this in mind, I'll come back to it later on.

Normally, nothing gets me as worked up as the bullshit "holiday" that is "Earf Day". Nothing, that is, except for Boston. You know what? I fucking hate Boston. Really, expletive and all. Possibly the biggest bunch of douchebag whiners and self-important assholes on the East Coast. That's saying something, because as most of us know, New Jersey and New York are both on the East Coast. Boston Strong. You know what? Fuck Boston Strong. One bomb goes off and it like the goddamn world ended. You know what? Where I grew up a bomb went off, killed fifteen people, mostly kids, and burned down an entire city block. Anyone trying to escape was shot in the alley. You know who did it? The Police! Over a noise complaint and zoning violation! Fuck Boston Strong. Philly has it all over Boston, in every way. Take your arch-liberal, girlfriend-murdering assholes. Boston votes theirs into the Senate. Philly gets theirs a WORLD-WIDE Holiday! Fuck you Boston.

Boston just may be the only thing that pisses me off more than earf day. Goddamn Massholes.


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