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Burn it all down


The Slow and Glorious Death of America's Worst School System - Reason.com: Per-pupil spending of $27,500 hasn't helped Camden's schools.

It won't either. Camden is the most corrupt place in the US.  The only money made in Camden is via graft.  Doesn't matter if it's the Port, the Aquarium, the Battleship, or anything else, if you work in Camden, someone is making money off of you.  It's a disgrace.  A prison. Anyone who has anything to do with that place will eventually be corrupted by it.

Burn it all down.

... Yes, I did work in low income housing in Camden for a couple of years when I was first married.  I met lots of people I thought were doing good for the "community".  I can name three who went to prison, and two more who should have gone to prison.  My experience soured me to all politicians, no matter the party, and made me realize that people who started "non-profits" were in the money making business the same as everyone else.

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