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I have a lot to talk about. First off, as Reason suggests, this entire story is total bullshit. Not "something happened, just not what she said" bullshit, entirely, 100% USDA Prime bullshit. Here's how I know. It has nothing to do with the weird movie-style violence, such as being thrown through a glass-topped table and serially raped on the broken glass for three hours by seven people who don't get cut, or having a beer bottle thrown at your face, where it breaks the glass but not the skin. Or even the massive beating that leaves no trace. It's the conspiracy. According to the Rolling Stone story, the girl manages to escape through a side door wearing the dress that she had been raped in for three hours, while lying on broken glass and being beaten over and over. Then she contacts three friends who, after hearing her story, tell her to not say anything so that they can continue to attend the parties given by the accused serial rapist fraternity. Nine people in that fraternity are rapists, but you still want to go to their parties? This defies belief. Especially since the rape is supposed to be some sort of initiation rite of passage for new brothers. Who in their right mind would continue to associate with this group? Why would anyone want to join the "rapist" frat? Why hasn't anyone else ever come forward? These guys aren't Skull and Bones. No one from UVA is going to end up President and drone you for telling on him for pulling a train. They throw good keg parties? "Sorry Mable, I know I have a good chance of getting raped, but they always have the BEST jello shots at Pi Phi on Thursdays, so I REALLY don't want you to go to the cops, or the hospital, or to the health center. Don't screw this up for me. I'm sure the bleeding will stop on its own." Let's be serious, if you meet that girl, she's a keeper. "Where were you tonight honey?" "Oh, the usual. I went to a strip club, murdered a prostitute, nothing big." "Really? No gang rapes? My big boy's slowing down. Keep those paychecks coming, a girl has needs." Utter bullshit. And it doesn't relieve any of my skepticism that the author of the original Rolling Stone piece uses this asshole as an expert on campus rape. On to the other side of bullshit. This tidbit from NPR. There's a lot of chatter that the falling price of oil is just DEVASTATING to the OPEC countries. Total bullshit written by a bunch of people who think in terms of static demand. When OPEC floods the market with oil, people use more oil. OPEC oil. Because it's cheap. OPEC sells more oil at a lower price, gets a short term BOOST in income, like a sale at Macy's. They use this money to pad their Swiss accounts before the war that's destined to come any day. It has NOTHING to do with the economy in OPEC countries. Most of those countries nationalized the oil industry YEARS ago. The idea that Iran needs $170 to break even on a barrel of oil is ludicrous on its face when the price of production to the people getting paid is exactly ZERO! If I control production at the point of a sword, and I can sell 10 barrels at $100 or 20 barrels at $75, I'm charging $75. Especially if keeping the price artificially low makes it tough to extract oil from the ground in countries where the people making the oil have to actually get paid. Put another way, if Chinese lightbulbs suddenly cost Americans so much money that we started making our own lightbulbs here in America, the Chinese government would make Chinese lightbulbs cheaper. BECAUSE THEY CAN. THIS IS SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WHO DOESN'T READ THE NEWSPAPER OR WATCH THE GODDAMN NEWS. Maybe, now that journalism is a profession on par with doctors, lawyers and dentists and requires a graduate degree for entry, just maybe the journalists have spent so much time in college raping, that they forgot to study economics?
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