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Before the Holidays I made myself a promise that I was going to immediately break. I had decided that one way for me to get my mind back on track and start feeling better about the way things were going was to return to somewhat active status on this here blog. You all can see how well that worked out. We're at that time of year when everything is broken and everything is due, and the beginning of the year means anything that's not due or broken is going to change, so there's no way to know exactly what I am supposed to do about everything that's due or broken or changing. Shorter blog: I'm in flux. I hate that. Despite still believing that I made the right choice when I made my choices, I am very wary about the state of maddad's world. You know, with all the breaking and change and flux. On the other hand, aside from all the breaking and change, things are going pretty well. So technically, all this complaining is ridiculous. Technically, maybe. But... when a guy who works from home doesn't seem to have the time to write a paragraph per day on his shitty little blog, there's something wrong. Imma figure it out and fix it.
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