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Is Sisyphus Cookie Puss' gay cousin?


Just something I'm thinking about. Sisyphus wiggled his lying ass to the front of my brain yesterday while I was trying and failing to get a plane ride to DC. Then this morning, my work credentials were rejected by my work computer, so I had to work on my phone. Now, normally, that's OK. But not today. If I had managed to get on that plane, I wouldn't have been able to get my credentials fixed at all. That would have been bad. I've been "working" with our "IT" dept. to get my account back since 7am. That's three hours of dick scratching. I could have been finished with all the Powerpoint bullshit I was going to do in the hotel last night that I didn't get to do because in between driving to various airports I was on the damn phone trying to get a flight, and if I couldn't get a flight, at least not have to pay for the hotel room. You see where this is going. When I did finally get somewhere that I could do some fucking work, my account was LOCKED OUT and even though I took a picture of the screen that said YOUR ACCOUNT IS LOCKED THE FUCK OUT and sent it to the damn trolls who work in "IT", they were insisting that I WASN"T LOCKED OUT. I worked in IT for a long time. I drove a cube for companies big and small. I had at least three ways someone could get in touch with me. Email, website form, desk phone, pager, yelling over the tops of the cube farm, post it note stuck to the Victoria's Secret catalog in the Men's john. Any or all were acceptable. This company? Internal website and email. There's no phone. So if your email is locked up, and you can't connect to the network to leave a comment on the internal website, you're fucked. Or someone else is, because you have to call someone else and have them fill in the form at 4am Pacific Time. Idiotic. What's even more idiotic is that it took 3 hours this morning to get my account unlocked. 3 hours. Almost makes me wish I had an office to go to. Almost.
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