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the annual (if late) Earth Day/ Holly Maddux memorial post


When you think about the nonsense that is Earth Day these days, remember that one of the rigleaders behind this new-style religion is Ira Einhorn.

Some people want everyone in the world to bend to their will, and thinks anyone who doesn't deserves to die.

The rest of us just want people to stop littering, to have water that's safe to drink, fish and game that we can eat, and a generally nicer quality of life.

Only one of us is called "environmentalist".

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I cannot believe how some people can get away with doing just an absolutely crappy job. I mean, I'm by no means some type-A try-hard asshole who lives for my job, but I at the very least, do enough to keep on top of things. I'm beginning to see that most people actually do as little as possible as often as possible. I've considered this before, but I usually talked myself out of it. I usually ended up thinking I was paranoid, or overly negative, or even thinking that it was MY responsibility to get the work done. Today I've realized that I am responsible only for what I'm responsible for, nothing else. I can't manage a process that is outside of any responsibility, and I can't manage people who I don't manage. It's not that I can't push or encourage these people to do a better job. I can. I will. But without some kind of structure, all I am is a cheerleader. I'm a television commercial, entertaining, somewhat persuasive, a little informative, but ultimately a distraction. My motivation to get my work done is fear. Fear for my family, my career, my bank account. Straight up, if I don't perform to a minimum standard, I believe that I'll end up unemployed and in the poor house. I'd consider myself paranoid, but it's happened to me before. Even when I've been performing above standard. I've wasted almost an entire week of my life waiting for someone else to do a job that directly relates to my bottom line. I have no recourse but to wait. Usually, if someone is a shitty worker, like a contractor who doesn't show up, or a salesman who doesn't perform, I can try someone else. In this case, I can't. I would believe it's organizational culture, but there's multiple organizations involved. Day after day, the same shit. I know I'm complaining, maybe even whining. But it's my second day sitting in a hotel, away from my family, waiting for someone three layers removed to DO THEIR FUCKING JOB. Because the minute they do theirs, I will be responsible for doing mine. Or I won't get paid. They get paid no matter what. Fuckers.
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Let's trash the pizza place because it won't cater a gay wedding. Got it, but if you think that the hubbub around the Indiana RFRA is about gay "marriage" you are out of your tree. This is the way that the big government types will go about destroying the federal RFRA AND all of the State's RFRAs in order to delegitimize religious objections to abortion or birth control or you name it. Sure, gay marriage is certainly in the pot, but the biggest blow to Obamacare came courtesy of the RFRA, and one of the lawsuits was filed by a family owned business in Indiana. Look at it this way, if State RFRAs are designed just so that religious types can discriminate against THE GAYS, it's going to be awfully hard to make a legal challenge to ANY law based on the ANTI-GAY law. Imagine the headline, "ANTI-GAY Law Cited by Homeschool Group in Lawsuit". Think that would be a winner? Do you think that law will stick around? Think that the federal RFRA will go the way of the Fugitive Slave Act? I do. The fucking GOP is probably trying to figure out how to repeal it right now. The reaction to this innocuous law was so quick, so coordinated, and so violent there is absolutely no way this wasn't a planned response. A popular governor, hated by the teacher's unions, with Presidential aspirations, is taken down. A law that helps defeat possible further Medicaid expansion AND works against school choice is destroyed because of a small possibility that a gay marriage might not get catered by a pizza joint. And seriously, what gay couple is going to have their wedding catered by a take-out pizza joint owned by Evangelical Christians to begin with? Seriously, is that EVER going to happen? Shouldn't the homos be clawing the eyes of those WT bitches that have no taste?
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