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It's warm out! I am convinced that this is going to be a great summer. Even, and I mean this, even if I'm too busy to do anything that I want. I've got Leonard Cohen playing in the background, I have a late 60's British sports car in various levels of diss assembly in the garage, I avoided the post-Derby hangover by the skin of my Tequila-soaked teeth, and my workout routine appears to be paying dividends, In other words, things are going swimmingly today. I need a little money, but I'm not too mad at anyone. I have a company-paid mini vacation coming up. I have another kid, Dangeresque, in the National Honor Society. At my age I may have liver failure and skin cancer, but my cholesterol is under control and I just got an OK deal on extra life insurance. Besides, we're all going to die sometime. At any rate, I wasn't sick before I went to the doctor, and if he didn't tell me I was dying, then I'm not. Fuck the news! Seriously, I haven't felt this positively about things in a long time. Time to fuck some things up.
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