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Hey, you promised!


I did. I did promise. I know I promised, but I shouldn't have. Why? Lots of things, but mostly because I just don't like the way the internet is going these days. It also used to be really easy to post on Blogger, and now it's not. I can't stay logged in all the time, I detest the Chrome browser, Firefox sucks and for all intents and purposes, Blogger has abandoned support for IE/Edge which is, objectively, the best browser. (shocking, I know) So none of my blogger plug-ins work any more, anything I post can be traced back to my real name, everything I want to post may get me lit up by the fucking rainbow and unicorn special snowflake, super courageous, yes means yes crowd, so why fucking bother. Until this whole middle-school anti-bully shitstorm passes, we can expect the on-line world to be muted and beige and full of stuffed animals and kitties and lots and lots of applause. Please. The internet isn't here to make us all feel good about how brave we are for being grown men or women who still like fucking cartoons. The internet is for hate and porn and feeling OK that there are grown ass men and women who like cartoons about fucking. Lets just be honest with the self-esteem crowd. When people react to you like you're fucking weird, it's because you're fucking weird. This is not "bullying" this is nature. You want to be the zebra with no stripes, you are going to stick out. You're going to be fucking weird. Lions eat the weird ones. It's fucking nature. You like nature, at least in cartoons and Internet memes, so deal with it. Get eaten. And shut the fuck up so I can be me again. You fucking weirdos.
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