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I only have one working arm, so it's been hard to type. Also, if anything, the world has gone crazier over the past couple of weeks, so nothing I say here would shock, depress or impress anyone. Just watch the news, people. I don't normally watch the news, but being stuck at home means my viewing options are limited and not having a laptop means I've been browsing from my phone, and oxycontin makes me dizzy when I try to focus on a phone, so I watched the news. You'd think OxyContin would make things better. It didn't. I also didn't post a 9-11 post. Why? I've posted 9 9-11 posts. 9. There is nothing more I can say. People forgot about "never forgetting" 3 years after 9-11 and it hasn't gotten better. They should just call it muslim memorial day and make it a national religious holiday and let that be it. A couple of years ago, I took some time off blogging to rebuild my mountain bike. Three years ago, I cut down further on blog time to work on my car. Last week, I broke the back wheel on my mountain bike and added a fuel pressure regulator to my car. So I'm going to work on that shit instead of this. On the things are cool side, dangeresque is now accepted to college and also on his way to getting his Eagle. He's working on an honor's scholarship too, so the kid is totally badass. I'm super stoked at the way he's turned out. I get all choked up. He's also going to be my right arm, literally, today. So it'll be nice to hang with him. That's all. I'm out.
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