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I'm considering giving this thing up... again. I took about a month off, and in that month I've been inundated with... ... no. I can't do it. I can't lie to you. No one gives a shit. No one ever really has. I liked it that way. It worked for me. I could type and type and post badly formatted bullshit, replete with misspellings, dick jokes, and sexism, and no one would ever say anything. No feedback at all. I was content in my little cell. Then came the "book". Now, when I post something, everyone knows who it is. Hundreds, if not thousands, of the millions of people who adore me instantly "like" the most banal out-of-focus picture of the mess I made in the cat box. I am overwhelmed. And beholden. Now I'm supposed to care. About a lot of shit. Cats, crossdressers, restaurants, happy marriages, racists and perceived racists, everybody and everything. I don't though. That makes it hard to write about anything here. I don't give a shit about the assholes in Oregon just like I didn't give a shit about the assholes in Wisconsin. I don't care any more about the shithead in the White House than I do the fuckheads battling each other to take his place. Fuck 'em all. I'm burnt out. Fuck everyone. Especially fuck everyone who doesn't agree with me. I'll know who you are by what you want me to "like" on Facebook. Fuckheads.
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