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at a loss


Nothing I can come up with is as crazy as the news. So watch the news. Or read this: The pause that refreshes, or this: about bears. Romney made an ass out of himself last week and I have nothing to say about that, EXCEPT... If Romney actually thinks that people are voting for Donald fucking Trump because they think he's a Republican OR a Conservative, than Romney deserved to lose the last election and should probably have committed ritual suicide as a result. What a fucking moron. People are voting for Trump for three reasons: 1) People like voting for celebrities. 2) Democrats and Independants want the PC nonsense to stop 3) Republicans have been voting for TRUE CONSERVATIVES (fireworks, flags, eagles, tears) for years now and absolutely nothing has been done except to go along to get along. So fuck the Republicans AND the radio TRUE CONSERVATIVES (soldier, flag, illegal alien girl crying inside a Samsung refrigerator box). Lets face facts, the 'pubs are willing to die for one thing, open borders. Period. Nothing else they say means shit. Fuck 'em.
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