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the pachyderm in the parlor


I've been avoiding this, but can't anymore. Let's talk about Trump. Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. No two ways about it. If the GOP burns itself to the ground over Trump's win in the primary, all I can say is good riddance to old rubbish. Burn baby, burn. Do I want to vote for Trump? Hell no. Did I want to vote for anyone in the GOP primary? Ehhh... maybe Rand Paul or Scott Walker, but not really. I think Cruz is a jackass, but I'll vote for him if Trump drops out. Rubio is a whore and Kasich is Mitch McConnell without the frog suit, so they never should have been in the race to begin with. Kasich is vying for VP, that's pretty clear by now. I invested a lot of time, effort and emotion into trying to reverse the current course of the country. I voted for the "True Conservative", I agitated for the "Tea Party", and I was lied to. I was made to look like an idiot. After being hornswaggled by Harry Reid after the 2010 elections we followed up in 2012, with a fucking mandate to destroy Obamacare. And who gets the nomination? Mitt Romney. A slap in the face. Veterans benefits were cut by the people who "care about the troops". Budgets were passed by the same group so opposed to Obamacare that they voted to repeal it five or six times, when they could, because it was safe and before the election and they knew it wouldn't pass. And now the GOP wants amnesty, just like they wanted "Healthcare Reform". And they are willing to die on that sword. Well, they will. The VAST majority of this country is opposed to illegal immigration. A bigger majority is sick to death of "political correctness" especially in regards to terrorism and Islam. And a good plurality is sick of one-way free-trade. Add to that that over the years people have gotten tired of the preacher shtick that Republicans have used to guarantee their God-botherer base, and there's only one guy who is talking like they are thinking. That's Trump. And all the Glen Beck hysterics and hashtagNeverTrumps will go the way of never voting for Romney and never voting for McCain. You'll vote for him because Cruz has no chance and the other party will nominate a criminal. Trump's running as a Republican. That's only because he can. There is no room on the Democrat Party for anyone who isn't a moral scold, a charge that used to stick only to Republicans, and I might add, still does. But if you think that the people voting for Trump are voting for him because he's a Republican or because he's a Conservative you are badly, badly mistaken. Trump is neither, and the people voting for him may once have been, but are no longer. I would bet that a lot of them are Democrats. The squealing arguments against him coming from the "establishment", and that includes to co-opted and corrupt "Tea Parties", have no authority over these voters. They've been written off by one party and taken for granted by the other. This is their collective "Fuck You". But the POLLS! They say Trump will lose to Hillary! And the polls said Mitt Romney would beat Obama, and the Democrats would hold on to the Senate. The polls are bullshit. Trump is a lot more popular than people realize, just like Obama is, and after the election, when Trump is remodeling the White House, there's gonna be hell to pay.
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