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The Holly Maddux Memorial Earth Day Post


Excuses, Excuses. I've been hearing half my life about how THIS GREAT MAN invented Earth Day. Now that he's been caught, no thanks to Peter Gabriel, suddenly he had nothing to do with Earth Day. I'm not even linking to Philly Mag's bullshit about how they fucking GOOGLED it and couldn't find anything to substantiate the SMEAR on EARTH DAY that Ira Einhorn had anything to do with it.

Look, these fucking dirtbag losers who started this shit picked the day, Lenin's Birthday, and picked the people they wanted as the "faces" of the movement. They picked Einhorn. They picked Einhorn and for years, despite overwhelming evidence, they continued to enable this GREAT MAN who happened to be an insane, psychopathic, narcissist.

But who cares, right? EARTH!

Like I say every year, I don't like pollution. I hate litter, I love nature. I hate liars more. Fuck Earth Day. Fuck Ira Einhorn. Fuck Philly Magazine. And fuck all the fake bullshit environmentalists too.

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