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Memorial Day


I was gone for a bit, maybe two weeks, and with all the catching up I had to do I didn't post what I wanted to post. Then I forgot what I wanted to post, so you get this.

It's the day after Memorial Day. Dangeresque graduates from High School on Saturday, the Prince is one year away from graduating college. The Beast will be a sophomore (actually he hasn't ever stopped being a sophomore) and Skippy is entering Junior High.

I am one old motherfucker. That's really it. All I have to say. I got a party to get ready for.

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wandering and ranting


I found myself being super professional at work this morning. I was actually shocked. I mean, today is the day that I leave on vacation and I should, by all rights, be ridiculously incompetent. But no. Today I amazed even myself. So I'm leaving early.

This was Derby weekend at the McMahonsion, and for some reason it is only 50 degrees of global warming out. I actually tripped over a drowned polar bear while picking up the newspaper this morning. Something must be done. And by that I mean I need to move. I need to find a place where it's hot, but not too far from a beach, and now that most of my kids are in good shape, and the others are unfixable, I suppose that means anywhere in Florida.

My bones hurt when it's cold. I hibernate and don't do nearly enough physical activity when it's cold. Instead, I blog. Like today. I'm leaving for ten days, and instead of working out, I'm typing. I have one day left to get a good workout in before I backpedal with booze and fatty fried food, but because it's so goddam cold out, all I'm going to do is sit here and rant about it. Snow was supposed to be a thing of the past! My house was supposed to be seaside by now. Fuck it, SOMEONE GET LEO ANOTHER PRIVATE JET! It's too damn cold!

Seriously. It's May and my fingers are numb. This just sucks.

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Hi Hayden


Sup Sarge