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I'm not going to link the article I just read because it says that the guy who got caught, red handed, raping a passed out drunk girl wasn't guilty of rape because they were both drunk. Because this guy's reasoning is bullshit. Does the girl bear some responsibility? Sure, the same way a drug dealer who gets murdered by other drug dealers is responsible, but the drug dealer still got fucking MURDERED. The girl who got raped put herself into a bad position. She was incapacitated and left to rely on strangers to take care of her. One of those strangers tried to rape her. The fact that that stranger was also pretty drunk doesn't absolve him of rape any more than being a drug dealer absolves the drug dealers of murder. I mean, seriously. This is a case where "Teach your sons not to rape" is actually the best argument. (I usually hate when that argument gets used because lately it's been used by people who define rape as whatever the woman says happened. That's simply not the case.) I mean, I teach my sons to be respectful of women. I was taught to be respectful of women. Women used to be taught to be respectful of themselves, but that isn't the case any longer. Women also used to be taught to look out for one another. What happened there?

Imma tell you all a story. Freshman year of college I was friends with a beautiful girl. She was, what my roommate at the time called a "total smokeshow", they had gone to high school together and he was totally smitten. My roommate, the smokeshow, and I had almost every class together first semester, and to get more time with the smokeshow (not that I complained) my roommate started a study group.

NOW... the smokeshow and maddad did not really fraternize outside of study group or class, I had a girlfriend, but sometimes study group went longer than it should have and involved late night pizzas and such. Long story short, I thought she was out of my league, she thought maddad was taken.

Flash forward to the end of Spring Break. maddad returns to campus a changed man. Free of girlfriend and ready to par-tay (hey, it was the 80's). Said smokeshow now has a very jealous boyfriend, so we don't see her around much anymore, however your pal, ol' maddad, does manage to use her good auspices to get introduced to a very nice girl who had been crushing on ol' maddad for a while. (maddad pats hisself on the back) However, new girl and maddad never seal the deal (get your mind out of the gutter), she was living at home and trying to transfer schools, and maddad was trying to keep his now-ex girlfriend from murdering him in a jealous rage. BUT, since new girl and smokeshow are good friends, maddad and smokeshow start hanging out more often, outside of class, outside of study group. Basically at house parties where maddad's ex wasn't invited. Smokeshow and maddad became very close. To the point where smokeshow broke up with jealous boyfriend, about three weeks before the end of the year.

BUT... Nothing happened. Maddad and smokeshow, despite much talk, hand holding, deep conversations, friends expectations, planning, and the fevered fantasies of maddad's weird-ass roommate, never even smooched.

WHY? Smokeshow was a drunk.

LET'S BE HONEST... maddad wasn't sober. What I mean is, at this point, maddad was NEVER sober. But smokeshow was a drunk. Pre-cellphone we'd have to make plans to meet up, and because of the associated weirdness of our previous romantic interests, we had to arrive separately (don't even ask), and by the time maddad showed up, smokeshow was hammered. maddad, not being a jackass, never took advantage of the wasted smokeshow, even though he is sure, now, that that was the point. It is not what you did there were "rules". I told her that the last time we were together, and I even had to tell her sorority "big sister" to take care of her when smokeshow went around at a party telling everyone we were leaving together "and you know what that means". We didn't, by the way. Leave together. Every single girl at that party wanted to know where I was taking her, every girl told me she was too drunk to leave with me. I knew it, and they made sure I knew it. That was back in the day, wasn't it? Nowadays she probably would have blown me in the bathroom and and her friends would have put it up on youtube.

At any rate, it's good that we never got together. Deep in my heart I was still pining away for maddmom and if I had hooked up with smokeshow I definitely would not have transferred schools and my ex would have stabbed me at some point so I'd be dead now and lonely too. But I would have had unsatisfying sex with a very drunk smokeshow at least once, and evidently nowadays, that's what counts.

PS: If there's a PS to this story, here it is... I can't for the life of me remember smokeshow's real last name.

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Blogger Hayden said...

Well said. You should put together the power points on this for the army

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