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Ther's a debate tonight between of all people, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I will not be watching. I will be preserving my mental health and watching something soothing, like UFC, pro wrestling, or snuff porn.

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Holy Crap


Stay on message.

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Quit it


Stop describing things as "staggering", "mind-blowing", "amazing", "insane", or "incredible". Chances are, they aren't. Also, I've noticed that lately everyone who posts on the internet has some sort of mental illness. These people also think I should care. I don't. I don't care how you're "living with anxiety". Who the fuck doesn't get anxious? Get a fucking prescription or get in a hospital. You don't care about my hangnail, I don't care about your fake disease. Know how I know you're faking? Because you are posting personal bullshit on a message board that allows comments. If you were really gold medalist at the anxiety Olympics you wouldn't be posting at all, especially not some place I could show up and call you a bullshit artist. You're a bullshit artist.

Also, I know real people who have been clinically depressed. Know what? They don't spend hours making memes about what it's like to be depressed. They're depressed and can't be bothered. Jeebus Christmas people, grow the fuck up. Is the population of the entire world just now entering junior high?

Just Fucking Quit it.

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